How it works – takes your search term, finds the top 30 results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN and sorts the results based on URL saturation in those search engines, their positions in the search engines, and the search engines market share to find out where traffic is heading per keyword and/or phrase.

05-27-06 – Fixed the Google API for the time being!!! You can now search any term or terms. Made script faster and also fixed a bug where urls that end in /, index.html, index.php, index.cgi all match up with urls that end in the folder they are in. Example.. is the same as and Before the fix, the script treated each url as seperate and not the same.

05-23-06 – Important! This script works better with phrases or searches with 2 or more words used.. Why you may say? Becuase currently Google has one of the WORST API’s for developers to use. This is not an error on our part, I have spent hours working on the code and at Google’s developers forum and this is a KNOWN bug.. sorry to say but in this case Google has a bad API unless you buy their commercial product.

05-15-06 – Worked on the Google API and the MSN API to improve error handeling and search results in the database..

05-14-06 – Rewrote and programmed the Yahoo API to be faster and more flexible which should help speed up processing time. Improved error call.

05-08-06 – Tweaks on form input strings, changing the nusoap.php to comply with Google’s ‘filter’ parameter to filter out similar results, better sessions management, better MySQL database restructuring.

04-17-06 – Have taken off Technorati results for short period of time.. also now sorts results based on market share as well for the search engines used.

04-15-06 – Expanded Google results from 10 to 30, like Yahoo and MSN already do..

04-14-06 – Added in highlighting of search term on title, description, and URL results. Changed form action from post to get.

04-12-06 – Rewrote code for better portability and handling. Fixed yahoo bug on $_GET request.

04-10-06 – New design on header and logo. Larger input search box.

12-28-05 – fixed bug where chars. were not showing correctly. They were fine in mysql and in the all the data, but were not rendering on the page correctly, encoded the pages with ‘meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″‘ to fix problem.

12-26-05 – added in spell checking for the results, titles of results, descriptions from results, and technorati postings

12-24-05 – eatatgoogle SEM script is currently in beta! script is pulling data from google, yahoo, msn and ranking according to how many times the unique URL in results appears in all engines, and also by the total ranking score in all those engines as well. Most relevent URLs are in all three engine ( then 2 engines, then just one ) and by the total ranking score ( the URL’s rank in each engine added together, lowest score total is more relevent ). Important note, Google api currenly allows you to only fetch 10 results at ONE time… Yahoo and MSN are looking at 30 each at one time.

ToDo – More tools, register function, faster and more secure setup, clean up code and the structure of it, change from nusoap.php to PHP’s SOAP PEAR class on server.

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