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Nowdays business directories are becoming more & more popular. In a meaning of yellow pages directory or business directory website, a listing page can become a small business web site.

eSyndiCat Business Directory Software provides an easy way to publish a comprehensive online business directory without technical knowledge for site administrator. It allows you to do the following - you can list businesses, individual traders, business events and much more. All of your listings can also be easily found under the appropriate classification which means that you can choose exactly how many categories a listing will fit. So you can create categories, subcategories, and add, review, comment and remove listings easily.

Unlike traditional business listings, you are no longer restricted to just the address or the telephone number of a business because you can now feature images, website links, text and more - making webyour site far more appealing to somebody choosing where to advertise. You can decide on your own what fields your listings should have and you can manage them in admin panel.

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