Good Design Matters

I’ve taken about a month off from blogging to do various other things, mainly researching, catching up on loose ends, networking more with other professionals, and starting up some new ventures I will be apart of.

One thing that I learned while not blogging is something that seems so easy, but yet is normally last on every site owners mind when they are trying to perfect their Internet marketing strategy.. your site design.

I have one client that I constantly help with on their web site marketing on a daily basis.. from tracking, conversions, linking, paid campaigns, email marketing, and even RSS feed. They get tons of visitors to their site and rank very well on Google and Yahoo.

This same client though, has a very low conversion rate.. almost none at all to be honest. When you look at their web site design, it is very hard to navigate their site.. the copy is terrible, the graphics are worse, their is no SSL or reassurance that the site is secure and legit, and it is hard to find anything you would want or need on their site.

I use AWSTATS and Google Analytics on their site and the stats back me up. Their top entry pages are also their top exit pages, their is hardly any navigational tracking stats at hand because everyone is getting lost on the landing page itself, people start to fill up their cart only to abandoned it when they notice the site is insecure, or only accepts one form of payment. To top it off, the site doesn’t validate in FireFox, Opera, Safari, or any browser except IE.

I have tried for months to convince this person to let me redesign their site, but they claim that they “don’t have the money” for that type of work. I have to ask though, the reason they are not able to justify the cost of a new site design is because the old site design is not generating them any revenue.

Is it more costly to pay me to continue to do Internet marketing for a site that is not generating money, or bite the bullet and pay for a new site design that could be generating all the revenue you can handle?

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