Top Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Plan Doesn’t Work

This is a list of the top things I have encountered over the years when working with clients on their email marketing plans. Some of these are funny to me personally, but are very true reasons why the campaign didn’t work before they hired me.

1. Your still designing your HTML emails in FrontPage 98.
2. Your not sending text based emails with your HTML emails.
3. Your not linking back to your website in your emails.
4. Your emails have all kinds of grammatical and spelling errors.
5. You still use clip art in your HTML emails.
6. Your email server is blacklisted by just about every spam service known to man.
7. Your first email sent to your ‘list’ was nothing but a hard sell on your products.
8. You sent your emails way too often, twice a day is too much.. twice a week is too much.. once a month is almost OK.
9. I unsubscribe from your list, but was not able to tell you why so that you may fix the problem.
10. I unsubscribe from your list, but you still send me emails.. I now report you as a spammer.
11. You have no stats for your emails you send out. You have no way of knowing who gets your emails, who opens them, or who is clicking the links in the emails.
12. You tried to send 500 + emails through Outlook on your computer that is 10 years old almost, causing Outlook to crash each time near the end of the list, repeating it self and sending everyone 5-9 copies of the same email over and over again.
13. You have a domain of your own, but your sending your emails out with a generic ‘hotmail’, ‘yahoo’, or ‘gmail’ account.
14. You didn’t test your emails before you sent them.. now over half the readers get some HTML tag soup to read instead of your nice HTML email.
15. Your not sending your emails out with a subject line filled out.
16. You intermixed your personal email list with your business email list.. now all your clients know you called your husband ’sweetcakes’, your eating leftovers for dinner, and you have a strange rash somewhere private.

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