WordPress SEO and osCommerce Internet Marketing

Wow, I never imagined the demand for WordPress SEO Internet marketing and osCommerce SEO Internet marketing was so high!

I opened my email today to find several emails from companies using osCommerce or Zen Cart and needing search engine optimization or a custom theme / template for their shopping cart. I also had inquires for WordPress SEO work and Internet marketing themes for WordPress blogs.

Someone could make a living I suppose supporting and doing custom open source work for Zen Cart, WordPress, and osCommerce.. and many more PHP and MySQL scripts. I have an extensive background in PHP and MySQL which helps when I have to write custom plugins for WordPress or templates for osCommerce, which many of you didn’t know about.

So for the next couple of months I will be working on Zen Cart and osCommerce SEO projects, and also WordPress SEO projects. I have a few requests to do themes and templates as well.. so if you know of any good designers, I might be hiring!

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