How do you market a product you know sucks?

Wow, what a great question.

To be honest and frank, I don’t know the answer and was hoping to turn to the blogsphere for help on this one.

I was asked some years ago to help with Internet marketing on a product that I knew wouldn’t do well. Just how did I know this you ask?

Well, I can not predict the future, but I knew the owners of the company well because I had went to school with them and kept in touch over the years.. and lets just say the owners were known to be shady businessmen from the start.. plus they had a product that already had many well established competitors, and the product itself was of very low quality and had a reputation of failing within a couple of months.

At the time, I was wanting to grow my own business and the proposal I sent them was for a very large sum. I really didn’t want to be associated with the owners of the company since they had this reputation, but I was eagerly wanting to close as many deals as I could to help establish my growing business.

I thought long and hard about how to handle the situation I was in, and ultimately decided to turn down the request. I didn’t want people to think badly of me or my company because I had done business with this group of people.. and I had this gut feeling that no matter how much effort I put into the marketing plan, the product just plain sucked.. meaning that even though I could push this product heavily and get many people to buy it, in the end there would be many returns and chargebacks.. which would defeat the purpose of me trying to increase their revenue thru marketing.

I have to wonder about those people, working day jobs or taking freelance projects.. how do you handle this? Many of you are probably going to work everyday, making marketing plans for a company you know has a terrible, or at least less desirable product than your competitors. How do you handle it day by day?

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