Proof a little effort goes a long way.

Just checked my stats today, is only a month or so old and I already have a number 3 placement in Google for ‘WordPress SEO Plugin’. I am only behind 2 results that both point back to Check it out here:

I also number 8 for ‘WordPress SEO’ in Google as well.

This might not be news to many, but considering there are other SEO plugins for WordPress on the market, this blog is just a month old, and I had been pushing that this is a better SEO plugin than most.. makes me proud. The plugin only came out just the other day and is working well.

I have other sites that rank well in Google as well, nothing too much to talk about. I firmly think that if you put just a little effort and do the basics, you too can rank well for a term of your choice on any search engine.

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