Link Trade and Paid Advertisment Placement Tool

Let this be the first post on the Internet about a new service I am offering free to help those looking to find the best URL’s for link trades or purchase advertising on specific URL’s.

It’s call trafficFinder and is located at:

I have been developing this tool for over 6 months now and I created it because I wanted a way to search for specific keywords or phrases and find the most trafficked URL’s for those terms. I have not found a similar service elsewhere on the Internet yet.. I have found some that come close or similar, but not in the same way this tool does.

It gives you the best possible results by combing the top three search engines ( Google, Yahoo, MSN ), and bringing you back the top 30 results of each engine ( because studies show must people will not go past the third page of results in most engines ). It then finds matching URL’s in those results and assigns ranking order based on placement in the engine and the market share that engine has compared to the others.

In the end, you get a truly relevant list of where the most traffic is heading on the Internet for a search term or phrase based on search engine listings.

I plan on adding login functions and more tools to help you track your results and find better advertising opportunities.

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