The Art of Marketing in Telecommunications

We often hear the famous saying “the only thing constant is change”. Well, in Telecommunications, this statement is a bit off the mark. In this sector, change isn’t constant, but exponential. How then, do you efficiently gather sufficient knowledge and data to come up with a good plan to sell your services or products? Chase […]

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Good Design Matters

I’ve taken about a month off from blogging to do various other things, mainly researching, catching up on loose ends, networking more with other professionals, and starting up some new ventures I will be apart of. One thing that I learned while not blogging is something that seems so easy, but yet is normally last […]

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Why Tagging Will End Up A Bad Idea

I admit I use tagging on my blog(s) and other sites.. it provides a quick and easy way to identify my posts, content, and information in a quick and dirty fashion. It’s a great idea in theory, but no one every really showed you and I how to use tags correctly did they? Not only does […]

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